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Consent Orders

Consent Orders are a crucial aspect of family law matters in Western Australia, ensuring a mutually agreed-upon resolution for property settlements, parenting arrangements, and spousal maintenance. Delta Legal's experienced family lawyers in Perth provide expert guidance and assistance in obtaining Consent Orders in family law cases in WA.


Understanding Consent Orders in WA Family Law

Consent Orders are legally binding agreements endorsed by the Family Court in Western Australia. They formalize the agreements reached between parties relating to property, finances, children, and spousal maintenance in family law matters.

The Importance of Consent Orders in Family Law Cases

Consent Orders provide legal certainty and enforceability, ensuring that both parties comply with the agreed-upon terms. Our Perth family lawyers at Delta Legal will help you understand the benefits of Consent Orders and guide you through the process of obtaining them in family law cases in Western Australia.

The Process of Obtaining Consent Orders in WA

Delta Legal's family lawyers will assist you in drafting a comprehensive Application for Consent Orders, ensuring that all relevant information is included, and guide you through the process of submitting the application to the Family Court of Western Australia.

Consent Orders and Parenting Plans in WA Family Law

Our Perth family lawyers will help you understand the difference between Consent Orders and Parenting Plans, and how they can be used effectively in family law cases involving children in Western Australia.

Delta Legal's Expertise in Consent Orders and Family Law in WA

At Delta Legal, our dedicated team of family lawyers in Perth, WA, is committed to providing expert assistance with respect to  Consent Orders and family law matters. Drawing from best practices of leading family law firms in the region, we ensure the highest quality of service for our clients.


Delta Legal is dedicated to offering expert legal assistance in Consent Orders and family law matters in Western Australia. Our team of experienced family lawyers in Perth, WA, will help you

navigate the complexities of Consent Orders, ensuring a fair and legally enforceable resolution.


Contact  Delta Legal for Consent Orders Legal Support

If you need expert guidance in obtaining Consent Orders in a family law matter in Perth, Western Australia, contact Delta Legal today. Our experienced family lawyers will provide the support and advice you need to protect your interests. Contact us by phone at 08 6364 0410 or email us at

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