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Court Representation

Our Legal cost Structure is OPEN and TRANSPARENT with no hidden costs.  We offer court representation in all Australian Jurisdictions in relation to :

Commercial Litigation


Civil Litigation

Criminal Law

  • Pleas in Mitigation

  • Bail Applications

  • White Collar Fraud

  • Computer Fraud

Corporations Act Disputes

  • Directors Duties

  • Insolvent Trading

  • Shareholder Disputes


Australian Consumer Law Disputes

  • Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

  • Breaches of the Consumer Protection Provisions

Disputes of the Sale or Purchase of a Business


Inheritance Disputes

  • Validity of a Will

  • Adequacy of provision made

  • Claims made by entitled persons for whom no provision has been made under a will




Magistrate Court Hearings


Supreme and District Court Trials


Children's Court Hearings


Family Court Hearings


Federal court Hearings


Administrative Tribunal Hearings

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